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 Location Guide

Guide to Scenic Photography Locations

Viewfinder Media offers the following free illustrated guides by Joshua Hardin to assist  photographers in finding spectacular scenes to shoot in the Rocky Mountains, American Southwest and beyond. These online guides are meant to be summaries of the photographic possibilities of each location and are by no means exhaustive lists of what is available to see. You are only limited by time and your imagination. For more specific directions, advice and photo examples there will be multiple additional resources (including books, web links or newsletters) suggested in each guide. Be aware these locations may require travel by a variety of methods including hiking or 4x4 driving which have risks. Always locally check conditions (weather, road construction, etc.) before undertaking these trips. Viewfinder Media is not responsible for any loss or injury resulting in the following of these guides.

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A Tour of Mesa Verde National Park
A guide to planning your trip to the first national park dedicated to preserving the dwellings of an ancient civilization. This link includes suggestions of hiking tours and roadside views to explore ruins on both Chapin and Wetherill Mesas.


Colorado Summer Wildflower Hotspots
Find out where the wildflowers are in late July and Early August in the Colorado Rockies. Learn about Crested Butte, the town that truly be the wildflower capital of Colorado, explore 4x4 trails in the rugged San Juan Range and more!



Colorado Fall Color Hotspots
Find out where to go to see groves of the state's famous aspen in golden fall foliage as well as some surprisingly vivid vistas featuring oak brush, cottonwood trees and the other species that put the "color" in Colorado during the autumn season. 


Colorado Spring Hotspots
Colorado's spring (occurring in late May and early June) is a great time to see snow-capped peaks, canopies of aspen in lime green foliage and take advantage of cool temperatures in the state's western canyons. Here are some locations to check out.


One Week in the Utah Parklands
If you had only one week week to explore the five national parks of Southern Utah these are the MUST see spots. Explore the unusual rock formations of Moab-area parks Arches and Canyonlands, the Navajo "Land of the Sleeping Rainbow" Capitol Reef, Zion and Bryce Canyon.


One Week on the Oregon Coast
If you only had one week to explore the rocky sea stacks, lighthouses, tidepools and sandy shores of the Oregon Coast where would you go? This guide gives an overview of photographic opportunities  spanning the state's coast north to south from Astoria to Brookings.   

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