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Image of the Month: April 2013

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Recently a friend pointed me toward some rare color transparencies from the 1940s that the Library of Congress has posted on their website. Many of these include WWII-era images of people engaged in home-front projects to support the war effort, though others provide a slice-of-life view into […]

Image of the Month: August 2012

August may be the best month in Colorado to hike a fourteener. In most years this is the time when the least amount of snow will be remaining on the state’s high peaks. For those of us who don’t like skiing or hiking with crampons, late summer is an opportune time to explore the summits […]

Top 10 photos of 2011

During the holiday season and as New Years Day approaches it’s that time again when we often look back at our accomplishments of the past year. 2011 was an unusual year for me. Several of the photos I took this year were in the traditional “grand landscape” style I’ve been used to shooting in over […]

5 Tips for Wonderful Wildflower Photos

It’s been a long winter here in Colorado. While photographers in the desert southwest and other regions of the U.S. have been taking photos of hillsides filled with wildflowers as early as February we’ve waited patiently for a large snowpack to melt and our own flowers to begin appearing. That time is finally here. Late […]

Classic Colorado profiled in the Loveland Reporter-Herald

My thanks to Jessica Benes, staff writer at the Loveland Reporter-Herald for writing a great profile story of my book Classic Colorado that was printed in the paper’s Outpost section today. The story is online at Remember that you can buy copies of the book on my website at The book includes more […]

Top 10 photos of 2010

I’m a little late getting to this post since it’s now mid-January, but without further ado here are my favorite 10 images from last year in no particular order: I have no doubt that this is the most intense sunrise I’ve ever experienced. As an early summer thunderstorm dissipated over Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain […]

Colorado fall 2010 recap

Another autumn has passed in the aspen forests of Colorado. This year I was able to spend ten days in late September and the first few days of October in the field. Some years are better than others as far as the vividness of foliage color is concerned and 2010 was probably not a banner […]

Private property and nature

Note: This post was originally written in Summer 2006 for a previous version of My Jeep is powering up a hill in the San Juan Mountains several miles outside of Telluride. The headlights cut through the darkness of the four-wheel drive road in front of me and I admire how this drive couldn’t be more […]