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Image of the Month: October 2013

In the spirit of last month’s post about fall foliage, I continued to think about creative ways to capture the season. I have taken a few images like this one with the unusual goal of not making an image that was realistic and sharp but instead was painterly and blurry in a different, artistic way. […]

Image of the Month: May 2013

Landscape photographers are suckers for saturation. Bold and beautiful colors often dominate the genre with good reason: we like to accentuate those times when nature overwhelms us. However, more subtle conditions can be powerful too. While photographing this scene at Muddy Pass Lake east of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I expected a more vivid sunrise as […]

Image of the Month: April 2013

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Recently a friend pointed me toward some rare color transparencies from the 1940s that the Library of Congress has posted on their website. Many of these include WWII-era images of people engaged in home-front projects to support the war effort, though others provide a slice-of-life view into […]

Image of the Month: October 2012

Sometimes we can find beauty in less-obvious locations. Instead of photographing these aspen in fall foliage head-on, I looked for a different, perhaps more interesting composition during a recent autumn trip to the mountains. A reflection in a lake provided that opportunity. I hope that photographers will look for abstract photos as well as the […]

Image of the Month: May 2012

Sometimes when we are out in nature we encounter reminders that we are not the first people to have visited the place where we now stand. In an area of Dinosaur National Monument straddling the Utah and Colorado border I was lucky to find this petroglyph carved into a swath of desert varnish. I love […]

Image of the Month: September 2011

A painting on a temporary construction wall near the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. depicts a message of love in response to the Sept.11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Local artists were invited to paint on this “free expression wall” in the fall of 2001. This is only one of several paintings that were created on the wall. […]

How to be selective with color

Vibrant color is one of the most important trademarks of my photography. I love viewing the lush variegated green tones of forest scenes, the luminescent red clouds in a sunset sky or the piercing blue eyes of a portrait subject. I’d like to share my favorite Photoshop secret for enhancing the color of my images. […]

20 portrait tips told with some of the best baseball card photos

Tasked with teaching a new course in portrait photography I was challenged to think of how to condense such a broad, complicated subject into one class. With spring in the air and the baseball season in full swing I was reminded of my childhood hobby of baseball card collecting. I remembered some incredible photography which […]

Happy Earth Day & Good Friday!

The impressive sandstone formation of Steamboat Rock rises over the photogenic confluence of the Green and Yampa Rivers in Echo Park, Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado. Native peoples revered this location as sacred. It is sometimes known as “The Center of the Universe” since it played a pivotal role in creation myths. In modern times, conservation efforts helped save […]

Shadow detail or die: Have we forgotten the art of the silhouette?

While browsing a nature photography forum recently I came across an image that reminded me of one of Galen Rowell’s photos from the Northern California coast. I found it interesting that many of those on the forum who critiqued the photo seemed to feel it was a necessity for the photographer to reprocess the image […]