Image of the Month: August 2013


Coke Ovens Morning, Colorado National Monument

I’m not naturally a morning person. Regardless of your predisposition, living and photographing nature in Colorado demands that you become one as I have learned to do. The sun shines its most extraordinary light in the morning on so many of our landscapes. From the peaks of the Front Range which reflect the warm light of the sun rising above the plains to the east, to the desert sandstone walls of the Western Slope that burn red with the day’s first beams, photographing in the magic first hour of light in the morning is a must. Being lucky enough to witness scenes like this one of the Coke Ovens in Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction makes it worthwhile to wake before dawn. As was the case while taking this photo, sometimes you might just get a scenic view to yourself. You can catch up on your sleep around noon when the light is much harsher anyway!

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