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Can You Belize It?

In November, 2015 I visited the beautiful country of Belize in Central America bordering the Yucatan Peninsula and the Caribbean Sea. I spent most of my time on the island of Ambergris Caye, in the town of San Pedro (the inspiration of the hit Madonna song “La Isla Bonita”), as well as traveling on a fun excursion to […]

Favorite 15 Photos of 2015

During the New Year’s holiday, it’s a tradition among shutterbugs who are members of online communities like Rocky Mountain Nature Photographers and Front Range Wildlife Photographers to share lists of their personal favorite images from the previous year. Thank you to all of the friends and family, new and old, who have made this year’s rather diverse […]

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year! I took this just after midnight, early today under the D&F Tower in downtown Denver. A cheery group was celebrating on the 16th Street Mall even though the temperatures were in the single digits. Here’s hoping 16 will be a lucky number and 2016 will be a good year for everyone.

11 (not 50) shades of gray

Once upon a time, processing a photograph was a complicated but pleasurable affair in a darkroom. Those of us who are lucky enough to have witnessed the transition of darkroom to digital imaging are amazed at how much things changed in a few short years. Today we have cameras that fit inside our pocket, connected […]

The Season of Light Painting

This Peak Pixels column first appeared in the November/December 2015 edition of Colorado Life Magazine. Order your copy here: ’Tis the season to celebrate holiday tree trimmings, mountaintop star illuminations and glowing parades of light. Daylight is scarce as the winter solstice approaches in Colorado, so why not take advantage of these long, dark nights […]

Photos and s’mores aplenty in Loveland

This column originally appeared in the July/August 2015 edition of Colorado Life Magazine. Order your copy here: Sometimes photographers’ fear of working with large groups are justified. Photo shoots rarely end up being as easy as you expect, and for all your careful planning, your success often hinges on your ability to adapt and improvise. […]

Image(s) of the Month: February 2014 – Scenic San Diego 2

I had so many favorite photos from my late-December/early-January San Diego photo shoots I had to spread them out into two posts. I hope you enjoy this sequel to Scenic San Diego!

Image(s) of the Month: January 2014 – Scenic San Diego

Over the New Year’s Holiday I had the opportunity to travel to San Diego with rest and relaxation in mind. The trip ended up being far from the easy-going beach vacation I first planned. As a photographer in a beautiful new city, I couldn’t resist taking out my camera during the seemingly endless opportunities that […]

Image of the Month: October 2012

Sometimes we can find beauty in less-obvious locations. Instead of photographing these aspen in fall foliage head-on, I looked for a different, perhaps more interesting composition during a recent autumn trip to the mountains. A reflection in a lake provided that opportunity. I hope that photographers will look for abstract photos as well as the […]

Image of the Month: June 2012

Few summers begin as early as 2012 did in Rocky Mountain National Park. Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuously paved road in the nation, opened on May 14. This was the third earliest recorded opening. In contrast to last year’s substantive amount of snowpack, this year’s winter was very dry allowing visitors to access the […]