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Favorite 15 Photos of 2015

During the New Year’s holiday, it’s a tradition among shutterbugs who are members of online communities like Rocky Mountain Nature Photographers and Front Range Wildlife Photographers to share lists of their personal favorite images from the previous year. Thank you to all of the friends and family, new and old, who have made this year’s rather diverse […]

11 (not 50) shades of gray

Once upon a time, processing a photograph was a complicated but pleasurable affair in a darkroom. Those of us who are lucky enough to have witnessed the transition of darkroom to digital imaging are amazed at how much things changed in a few short years. Today we have cameras that fit inside our pocket, connected […]

Image(s) of the Month: May 2014 – Steamboat Art Museum Show

It’s my honor to be sharing examples of my work with ten of the state’s finest photographers at the Colorado Nature Photography Invitational Exhibit and Sale at the Steamboat Art Museum in downtown Steamboat Springs. The selection of my five images that are appearing in the show is below. The opening reception is May 30, followed […]

Image of the Month: August 2013

I’m not naturally a morning person. Regardless of your predisposition, living and photographing nature in Colorado demands that you become one as I have learned to do. The sun shines its most extraordinary light in the morning on so many of our landscapes. From the peaks of the Front Range which reflect the warm light […]

Image of the Month: February 2013

Ice is fun to photograph. I’ve embarked on several trips to take pictures of Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park during this time of year. The lake seems halted in time with frozen undulating waves and ripples  in suspended animation over its surface. Cracks, fractures and trapped air bubbles below seem to glow with […]

Image of the Month: January 2013

Wind is a fact of life during winter in Rocky Mountain National Park. Gusty weather conditions are probably my least favorite to take pictures in. The reason why is landscape photographers love using narrow apertures to maintain a sharp depth of field. However, with narrow apertures come slow shutter speeds to allow enough light to […]

Image of the Month: June 2012

Few summers begin as early as 2012 did in Rocky Mountain National Park. Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuously paved road in the nation, opened on May 14. This was the third earliest recorded opening. In contrast to last year’s substantive amount of snowpack, this year’s winter was very dry allowing visitors to access the […]

Top 10 photos of 2011

During the holiday season and as New Years Day approaches it’s that time again when we often look back at our accomplishments of the past year. 2011 was an unusual year for me. Several of the photos I took this year were in the traditional “grand landscape” style I’ve been used to shooting in over […]

Image of the Month: December 2011

This image is from a chilly night I spent at Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park trying to capture the Leonid Meteor shower a couple of years ago. I didn’t happen to get many meteors in the frame but it was definitely a clear and star-filled night over the icy Big Thompson River. This […]

A Tour of Mesa Verde National Park

Note: This post can also be found on the Viewfinder Media Location Guide page! Some of the photos here and many more scenic images of the state can also be found in my book Classic Colorado. Introduction Mesa Verde, Spanish for “Green Table,” is the first national park established to protect works of man rather […]