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Image of the Month: October 2013

In the spirit of last month’s post about fall foliage, I continued to think about creative ways to capture the season. I have taken a few images like this one with the unusual goal of not making an image that was realistic and sharp but instead was painterly and blurry in a different, artistic way. […]

Image of the Month: September 2013

I’ve overheard many photographers wonder out loud: “why would you want to convert a color photo into black and white, especially a photo of fall foliage?” It’s an interesting question. Often in autumn we seek out the most vivid examples of trees possible, traveling across entire states and regions to find and photograph “peak color.” […]

Image of the Month: August 2013

I’m not naturally a morning person. Regardless of your predisposition, living and photographing nature in Colorado demands that you become one as I have learned to do. The sun shines its most extraordinary light in the morning on so many of our landscapes. From the peaks of the Front Range which reflect the warm light […]

Image of the Month: July 2013

It’s rare that I get to photograph two of my favorite things at the same time: mountains and fireworks. One element exists in the natural world, the other in the man-made world. However, I noticed this private firework display while setting up to capture a time lapse video of the city of Loveland’s major display […]

Image of the Month: June 2013

Reflections are one of my favorite things to photograph. I love scenes where it almost seems like two worlds exist in one place. At times near sunrise or sunset, the wind usually dies down enough for mountain lakes to provide a clear, ripple-less mirror image. Pictured here, a summer evening under Mount Baldy at the […]

Image of the Month: May 2013

Landscape photographers are suckers for saturation. Bold and beautiful colors often dominate the genre with good reason: we like to accentuate those times when nature overwhelms us. However, more subtle conditions can be powerful too. While photographing this scene at Muddy Pass Lake east of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I expected a more vivid sunrise as […]

Image of the Month: April 2013

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Recently a friend pointed me toward some rare color transparencies from the 1940s that the Library of Congress has posted on their website. Many of these include WWII-era images of people engaged in home-front projects to support the war effort, though others provide a slice-of-life view into […]

Image of the Month: February 2013

Ice is fun to photograph. I’ve embarked on several trips to take pictures of Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park during this time of year. The lake seems halted in time with frozen undulating waves and ripples  in suspended animation over its surface. Cracks, fractures and trapped air bubbles below seem to glow with […]

Image of the Month: January 2013

Wind is a fact of life during winter in Rocky Mountain National Park. Gusty weather conditions are probably my least favorite to take pictures in. The reason why is landscape photographers love using narrow apertures to maintain a sharp depth of field. However, with narrow apertures come slow shutter speeds to allow enough light to […]

Image of the Month: December 2012

Fog rises from Carter Lake near Loveland, Colorado as seen from behind a grove of snow-covered ponderosa pines. This is one of my first and favorite nature photos taken many years ago the morning after a winter storm. After the dry year we’ve experienced here in the Rockies, here’s hoping we have a White Christmas […]