Articles from April 2012

Image of the Month: April 2012

Spring has arrived in the Colorado Rockies and the bluebirds are back. I found this couple of Mountain Bluebirds near the Collegiate Peaks of Buena Vista, Colorado early this month.  This beautiful pair posed for me for a few minutes before flying off to attend to their morning chores. Such brilliant, iridescent plumage!

Image of the Month: March 2012

Here’s an image taken from one of my favorite viewpoints in Loveland near where I went to elementary school. The rocky hill on the lower right is Mariana Butte (on the other side of the butte there is now a golf course) with Palisade Mountain on the upper right, Mummy Mountain, Hagues Peak and other […]

Image of the Month: February 2012

On February 14, 1912 Arizona became the 48th state in the union and this month I’m celebrating its Centennial. While Arizona is nicknamed the Grand Canyon State there are numerous other canyons, large and small, which can be experienced there. One of the most photogenic is Antelope Canyon, a tribal park in the Navajo reservation. The […]