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January 2011 Newsletter

                    New Year, Timeless Photography

Happy new year! Even though I always look forward to putting a fresh calendar on the wall in January, it is often also the month that I stop to take a look backward at photographs taken in years past. The image above of a vivid sunrise at Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods (as seen from the Mesa Overlook in Colorado Springs) is one I took in 2006. I retrieved the image only days ago from my 35mm archives and scanned it. Why haven't I released this photo before? To be honest I just forgot about it. The same morning I took another photograph which got more of my attention at the time. The other photo included a nearby yucca plant in its composition and was also very striking. It happens to be one of the photos I chose to include in the "Classic Colorado" book. I still love the yucca photo and I'm also glad I rediscovered this photo for its unique sky. I hope this year brings you fantastic opportunities to explore new territory but also remember to take a little time to reflect on where you've already been.  



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