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February 2011 Newsletter

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Even the best laid plans don't always work out. I traveled to Rocky Mountain National Park earlier this month with the idea of getting some abstract pictures of the ice formations that form on the alpine lakes there. After arriving I found that even though it had been several days since the last storm a layer of snow still covered the lakes. Not much ice was visible. To make matters worse, high winds were raging along the Continental Divide and made setting up a tripod to steady a camera nearly impossible. Time for Plan B. I drove to one of the overlooks above Beaver Meadows where conditions were calmer and I could take advantage of the sweeping view of the mountains. From there I watched the wind create ever-changing patterns of blowing snow that resembled billowing clouds. This was one of the photos I took. Converting the image to black and white later in Photoshop helped emphasize the curves of the blowing snow clouds circling the summit of Longs Peak. This photo exists only because I refused to give up on the visit to the park even though the conditions I had hoped for didn't materialize.  



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Your guide to Mesa Verde National Park

Read this guide to planning your trip to Colorado's Mesa Verde: the first national park dedicated to preserving the dwellings of an ancient civilization. The guide includes photography tips and suggestions of hiking tours as well as roadside views to explore ruins on both the Chapin and Wetherill Mesas. Stay tuned for more location guides coming to the website later this year!

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